Registering an LLC Name

Choosing a business name is one of the first steps in the process of forming your Alaska Limited Liability Company. The name that you choose:

  • Must contain the words “limited liability company” or the abbreviation “L.L.C., or “LLC”. The word “limited” may be abbreviated as “Ltd.,” and the word “company” may be abbreviated as “Co.”
  • May not contain the word “city,” “borough,” or “village” or otherwise imply that the company is a municipality (though the name of a specific city, borough, or village may be used)
  • Must be distinguishable from any other registered Alaska Limited Liability Company or other business entity and any reserved names on record

United Agent Services allows you to choose up to 3 names, in order of preference. We will conduct a name check for your Alaska Limited Liability Company before filing to see which names are available.

How to Register

Once you have chosen an available name, United Agent Services can help you register your name with the state. This will require you to submit certain information, including:

  • A signed application for registration setting out the name of the company, the state or territory of organization, the date of organization, a statement that it is conducting affairs, and a brief statement of its principal activities; and
  • Proof of organization, from the jurisdiction where the company is organized, if the company is a foreign limited liability company