Each limited liability company shall keep following records open to inspection at its office:

  • A current list, in alphabetical order, of the full name and last known business, residence, or mailing address of each member
  • A copy of the articles of organization and the certificate of organization, and all articles of amendment and certificates of amendment thereto
  • Copies of the LLC’s federal, state, and local income tax returns and reports, if any, for the 3 most recent years
  • Copies of any effective operating agreement
  • Unless contained in an operating agreement, a writing setting out:
    • The amount of cash, if any, and a description and statement of the agreed value of the other property or services, if any, contributed by each member and which each member has agreed to contribute
    • The times at which, or events on the happening of which, any additional contributions agreed to be made by each member are to be made
    • Any right of a member to receive, or of the limited liability company to make, distributions to a member which include a return of all or any part of the member’s contribution
    • Any events upon the happening of which the limited liability company is to be dissolved and its affairs wound up