Annual Report

Each LLC shall file a biennial report on or before the anniversary of its organization signed by a manager, member or agent that lists:

  • The LLC name
  • The street address or rural route number, not a post office box only, of its registered office
  • The name of it registered agent at that office
  • The street address or rural route number of its principal place of business
  • The names and addresses of its managers, or if none, the members
  • Additional information that may be necessary or appropriate in order to enable the Secretary of State to administer this Act and to verify the proper amount of fees payable by the limited liability company

The annual report shall be made on forms prescribed and furnished by the Secretary of State. The information must be given as of the date of execution of the annual report. The annual report shall be executed by a manager or, if none, a member designated by the members. It must be delivered to the Secretary of State within 60 days immediately preceding the first day of the anniversary month.


Each limited liability company shall keep following records open to inspection at its office:

  • A list of the full name and last known address of each member setting forth the amount of cash each member has contributed, a description and statement of the agreed value of the other property or services each member has contributed or has agreed to contribute in the future, and the date on which each became a member
  • A copy of the articles of organization, as amended or restated, together with executed copies of any powers of attorney under which any articles, application, or certificate has been executed
  • Copies of the limited liability company’s federal, State, and local income tax returns and reports, if any, for the 3 most recent years
  • Copies of any then effective written operating agreement and any amendments thereto and of any financial statements of the limited liability company for the 3 most recent years