United Agent Services can help you meet certain requirements as prescribed by the Indiana Secretary of State.

Biennial Report

A report must be filed with the Indiana Secretary of State every two years, except for the first calendar year of incorporation. This report must be filed every other year before the end of the month in which the corporation was originally incorporated or authorized to transact business, and must indicate:

  • The corporation’s name and its state or country of incorporation;
  • The address of its registered office and the name of its registered agent at that office in this state;
  • The address of its principal office; and
  • The names and business addresses of its directors, secretary and highest executive officer

Other Reports

The board must also report certain information related to director indemnification and expenses, as well as future promises or promissory note issuance, to all shareholders with or before notice of the next shareholders’ meeting.


An Indiana corporation may voluntarily elect to wind up and dissolve. A corporation must file a Certificate or Articles of Dissolution when it wishes to dissolve. United Agent Services will prepare your Certificate/Articles of Dissolution and submit it to the appropriate state agency to assist you in dissolving your corporation.