Generally, Utah incorporation bylaws are written to manage the corporation’s business and to conduct the corporation’s affairs so long as the bylaws do not conflict with the articles of incorporation. A corporation maintains its bylaws at its principal executive office and is not required to file them with the state. United Agent Services will provide customized bylaws for your Utah incorporation based on the operation requirements that you specify.

The board of directors, incorporators or shareholders must adopt initial bylaws for the Utah incorporation.

Director Information

The bylaws may prescribe additional qualifications for directors that are not inconsistent with the articles of incorporation.

Officer Information

Officers must be natural persons and may either be listed in the bylaws or elected by the board of directors. Officers may appoint other officers if authorized by the bylaws or board of directors. At least one officer has the responsibility of preparing and maintaining minutes of the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings and other required records and information, and for authenticating records for the corporation. Any officer may hold more than one office in the corporation.