Registering a LLC Name

Choosing a business name is one of the first steps in the process of forming your Utah Limited Liability Company. The name that you choose:

  • Must be distinguishable from (cannot be the same as or deceptively similar to) any other Utah Limited Liability Company name or actual business name, reserved name or fictitious or assumed name or any trade name, trademark or service mark registered
  • Must contain, as the last words of the name
    • Limited liability company
    • LLC
    • L.L.C.
    • Limited company
    • LC
    • L.C.
  • May not contain:
    • The terms:
      • Association
      • Corporation
      • Incorporated
      • Limited partnership
      • Limited
      • L.P.
      • Ltd.
    • Without the written consent of the United States Olympic Committee, may not contain the words:
      • Olympic
      • Olympiad
      • Citius Altius Fortius
    • Without the written consent of the Division of Consumer Protection in accordance with Section 13-34-114, may not contain the words:
      • University
      • College
      • Institute

However, a Utah LLC can apply to choose a name that is not distinguishable from the Department of Commerce records if either:

  • The other entity consents to the use in a writing AND submits an undertaking in form satisfactory to the Department of Commerce to change its name to a name that is distinguishable from the applicant’s name
  • The applicant delivers to the Department of Commerce a certified copy of a court judgment giving the applicant the right to use the name

Reserving a Utah LLC Name

A person may reserve a name by filing an application with the Department of Commerce. A name can be reserved for a 120 day period and can be renewed for 1 additional period of 120 days. A Utah LLC must wait to re-renew after the second renewal period for one calendar year. A Utah LLC name owner can transfer a name reservation by delivering to the Department of Commerce a signed transfer notice specifying the name and address of the transferee.

United Agent Services allows you to choose up to 3 names, in order of preference. We will conduct a name check before filing to see which names are available.

How to Register

Once you have chosen an available name, United Agent Services can help you register your name with the state.