Annual Report

An annual report must be filed with the Vermont Secretary of State within two and a half months after the close of each fiscal year. This report must be current as of the date of execution and must indicate:

  • The corporation’s name and its state or country of incorporation
  • The address of its registered office and the name of its registered agent at that office
  • The address of its principal office
  • The names and business addresses of its directors and the president, secretary, treasurer, and all other officers with policy-making authority

Other Reports

The corporation must mail annual financial statements to its shareholders within 120 days after the close of its fiscal year. These statements must include at least a balance sheet, income statement and a statement of changes in shareholders’ equity.

The corporation must also provide to its shareholders a report of any indemnifications or expenses advanced to a director in connection with a proceeding by or in the right of the corporation, with or before notice of the next shareholders’ meeting.


A Vermont corporation may voluntarily elect to wind up and dissolve. A corporation must file a Certificate or Articles of Dissolution when it wishes to dissolve. United Agent Services will prepare your Certificate/Articles of Dissolution and submit it to the appropriate state agency to assist you in dissolving your corporation.