Annual Report

An annual report must be filed with the Virginia Commission in the last 3 months of the calendar year following its date of incorporation (subject to any extensions allowed by the Commission). This report must be current as of the date of the report and must indicate:

  • The corporation’s name and its state or country of incorporation
  • The street address and county of its registered office and the name of its registered agent at that office
  • The address of its principal office
  • The names and post-office addresses of the directors and the principal officers of the corporation
  • A statement of the aggregate number of shares which the corporation has authority to issue, itemized by class

Other Reports

Upon written request, the corporation must furnish to the requesting shareholder a copy of the most recent financial statements for the most recent fiscal year that include at least a balance sheet, income statement and a statement of changes in shareholders’ equity for the year unless that information appear elsewhere in the financial statements.


A Virginia corporation may voluntarily elect to wind up and dissolve. A corporation must file a Certificate or Articles of Dissolution when it wishes to dissolve. United Agent Services will prepare your Certificate/Articles of Dissolution and submit it to the appropriate state agency to assist you in dissolving your corporation.