Annual Report

A report must be filed with the Maine Secretary of State each year, except for the first year of incorporation. This report must be filed each year between January 1 and June 1 in the calendar year following the year of incorporation, and must indicate:

  • The corporation’s name and its jurisdiction of incorporation;
  • The address of its registered office and the name of its clerk in this state;
  • The address of its principal office and name of its registered agent, if a foreign corporation;
  • A brief statement of the nature of the business in which the corporation is engaged; and
  • The names and business or residence addresses of the president or chief executive officer, the treasurer or chief financial officer and directors (or shareholders, if no directors)

Other Reports

Each corporation (that is not a close corporation) must also file an annual financial statement no later than five months after the close of the fiscal year which includes its year-end balance sheet, income statement and a statement of change of shareholders’ equity unless this information appears elsewhere in the financial statements.


A Maine corporation may voluntarily elect to wind up and dissolve. A corporation must file a Certificate or Articles of Dissolution when it wishes to dissolve. United Agent Services will prepare your Certificate/Articles of Dissolution and submit it to the appropriate state agency to assist you in dissolving your corporation.