Once an Oklahoma LLC has been created, the Oklahoma Secretary of State will require that certain recurring responsibilities and duties be fulfilled. The most important of these are described below. For further information, refer to the Oklahoma Secretary of State office.


Each limited liability company shall keep following records open to inspection at its office:

  • A current and a past list of the full name and last known business address of each member and manager
  • Copies of records that would enable a member to determine the relative voting rights of the members
  • A copy of the filed articles of organization and any amendments thereto
  • Copies of the limited liability company’s federal, state and local income tax returns and financial statements, if any, for the three (3) most recent years
  • If such returns and statements were not prepared for any reason, copies of the information and statements provided to, or which should have been provided to, the members to enable them to prepare their federal state and local tax returns for such period
  • Copies of any then effective and past operating agreements and all amendments thereto
  • Unless provided in writing in an operating agreement, a writing setting out:
    • The amount of cash and a statement of the agreed value of other property or services contributed by each member and the times at which or events upon the happening of which any additional contributions agreed to be made by each member are to be made
    • The events upon the happening of which the limited liability company is to be dissolved and its affairs wound up
    • Any other information prepared pursuant to a requirement in an operating agreement

Annual Certificate

Each LLC (domestic or foreign) must file a certificate with the Oklahoma Secretary of State confirming it is an active business and providing its principal place of business address.