All LLCs doing business in Massachusetts must file an Annual Report every year to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing with the state.

Filing Fee

If you file your Annual Report by mail, the filing fee is $500. If you file your Annual Report online, the filing fee is $520 (there is an automatic $20 fee on top of the $500 filing fee).

Due Date

Your Massachusetts Annual Report is due every year before your LLC’s anniversary date.

Your first LLC Annual Report isn’t due until the year after your LLC is formed. For example, if your Massachusetts LLC was approved on April 2nd 2019, your first Annual Report would be due by April 2nd, 2020.


If you do not file by the deadline, your LLC will not be in good standing and will be marked delinquent. If you continue to ignore this requirement, the state will dissolve (shut down) your LLC.