All LLCs doing business in Minnesota must file an Annual Renewal each year in order to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing with the state of Minnesota.

You can file your LLC’s Annual Renewal by mail or online.


There is no fee ($0) if your LLC is in good standing.

If your LLC has been administratively dissolved (shut down) for failing to file an Annual Renewal in the past, then you have to pay a filing fee ($25 for by mail, $45 for online) if you want to have your LLC reinstated.

Due Date

Your Annual Renewal must be received by the state before December 31st each year.

Your first Annual Renewal is due the year following the year your LLC was approved. Ex: if your LLC was formed on October 15th 2017, your first Annual Renewal is due by December 31st 2018.


If you don’t file your Annual Renewal by December 31st, the state will administratively dissolve (shut down) your LLC. We recommend filing earlier in the year to avoid any issues.