All LLCs in North Dakota must file an Annual Report each year in order to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing.


The North Dakota LLC Annual Report fee is $50.

This $50 fee is due every year by the Annual Report due date.

How to file an Annual Report in North Dakota

You can only file your North Dakota LLC Annual Report online.

The online filing system is called FirstStop.

Annual Report Due Date

Your LLC Annual Report is due by November 15th every year.

Your first Annual Report is due the year after your LLC is approved.

What’s the penalty for not filing an Annual Report (or filing late)?

If your North Dakota LLC Annual Report is filed after the due date, there is a $50 late fee. This $50 late fee is in addition to the Annual Report filing fee of $50, so it’s $100 total.

You have 6 months to file a late Annual Report (and pay the $100).

If you don’t file within the 6-month window, by law, the Secretary of State’s office will shut down your LLC. This is called revoking your LLC’s charter (existence), or revocation.

If your North Dakota LLC has been revoked, you can file a Reinstatement to bring your LLC “back to life”. The Reinstatement fee is $135. You must also file a past-due Annual Report and pay the $100 fee ($50 Annual Report fee + $50 penalty). You can file a Reinstatement with the Secretary of State up to 1 year after your LLC was revoked.