After you form an LLC in Oregon, you must file an Annual Report and pay a fee every year in order to keep your Oregon LLC in compliance and in good standing.

Annual Report Filing Fee


This is paid once every year for the life of your Oregon LLC.

Due Date

Your Annual Report is due by your LLC’s anniversary date every year.

Your first LLC Annual Report will be due the year following the year of formation.

How to File an LLC Annual Report in Oregon

You can file your Oregon LLC’s Annual Report online via the Oregon Secretary of State Website.

You will complete the form online and then submit the filing electronically to the Oregon Secretary of State. You’ll pay the $100 LLC Annual Report fee with a debit or credit card.


The Oregon Secretary of State will give your LLC a 45-day grace period after the Annual Report due date. If you still don’t file by then, the state will administratively shut down your LLC. In order to “revive” your LLC, you’ll need to file a Reinstatement Form, pay a $100 penalty, and file any missed Annual Reports (including the $100 filing fee for each missed Annual Report).