You must file an Annual Report every year in order to keep your Vermont LLC in compliance and in good standing.


$35 per year.

How to File an LLC Annual Report in Vermont

You must complete your Vermont LLC’s Annual Report online via the Secretary of State’s website.

Due Date

Your Vermont LLC’s Annual Report will be due within a 3-month “filing window” following the close of your LLC’s fiscal year.

When should I File my first Annual Report?

For LLCs with a fiscal year end of December (which is most LLCs in Vermont), your first Annual Report will be due between January 1st and March 31st (regardless of which month your LLC was formed).


The Vermont Secretary of State will revoke your LLC’s good standing status if you fail to file your Annual Report on time.

You can still file your Annual Report within 3 months after the last day of the filing period. For most LLCs (with a fiscal year-end of December), March 31st is the last day of the filing period, meaning you have a grace period of up until June 30th.

If you don’t file your Annual Report by June 30th, the state will mark your LLC “Terminated”. This means your LLC will not legally be able to do business in the state.

If you want to reinstate your LLC (bring it back to life), then you must file an LLC Reinstatement and pay not only the $35 for each Annual Report that you missed, but also a $25 penalty for each Annual Report (essentially, $60 for each year that wasn’t filed).