An LLC in Wyoming, you must file an Annual Report every year in order to keep your Wyoming LLC in compliance and in good standing.

Filing Fee (for most WY LLCs)


The reason that we say for most LLCs, is that most Wyoming LLCs have less than $250,000 in assets located in Wyoming.

Filing Fee (if LLC has $250k+ in assets located in Wyoming)

If your LLC has more than $250,000 in assets located in Wyoming, then its Annual Report fee will be higher. The formula is $0.0002 multiplied by the total value of the LLC’s assets.

Note: $0.0002 is actually 2/100ths of a penny.

Annual Report Fee is also known as “License Tax”

Filing Fee is also known as a License Tax.

How to File an LLC Annual Report in Wyoming

You can file your LLC’s Annual Report online or by mail.

You must file by mail if your Annual Report fee is greater than $500.

Due Date

Your Wyoming LLC’s Annual Report needs to be filed every year. It is due before the first day of your LLC’s formation month.


If the Annual Report is not filed 60 days after the deadline, the state may dissolve (shut down) your LLC.