About Us

United Agent Services has been providing registered agent services on it’s private network since 2006. The UAS RA network was built to handle the high volume of one of the internet’s largest DIY incorporators. It was built ground up to handle the volume and accountability required to provide the highest level of service, and minimize the risk of lost documents.

We continue to partner with, no compete against our member firms. We don’t offer or advertise our registered agent and formation services to end users and retail customers. We also don’t place any restrictions on who our member firms can target or take on as new customers. We firmly believe in the power of the open marketplace.

“Our vision remains unchanged – to be a rock solid partner that doesn’t
compete with our members”


All In

We jump out of bed and are excited
about the work we do, but we strive
to maintain balance between work and home.

No Surprises

We communicate effectively and often.
Things go wrong, but we can fix any
problem we know about.

Exceed Expectations

We do what it takes to get the
job done, and then do a bit more.

Driven to Improve

Today's great, is tomorrow's good
enough. We continue to improve
personally, professionally and in
our mastery of our tools.

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