Alabama LLC Annual Report

The initial filing is known as the “Initial Business Privilege Tax”. Initial Business Privilege Tax Return (Form BPT-IN) Amount due: $100 minimum Due by: 2.5 months after LLC formation Name: […]

Alabama LLC Taxes and Fees

An LLC can offer certain tax advantages over a corporation, including the availability of more deductions. Additionally, an LLC is not required to be a separate tax entity like a […]

Alabama LLC Continuing Obligations

Once an Alabama LLC has been created, the Alabama Secretary of State will require certain recurring responsibilities and duties. The most important of these are explained below. For further information, […]

Alabama LLC Registered Agent

United Agent Services can also provide your business with a registered agent in Alabama. Every Limited Liability Company in Alabama must also have a registered agent in Alabama– the person […]

Alabama LLC Formation Requirements

Articles of Organization In any Alabama LLC formation, articles of organization must be signed by the members named in the articles, or by an organizer, and then filed with the […]

Alabama LLC Names

Registering a LLC Name Choosing a business name is one of the first steps in the process of forming your Alabama Limited Liability Company. The name that you choose: Must […]