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We are a partner, not a competitor.

United Agent Services only works with service providers, we don’t offer incorporation or document preparation to the general public. We will never directly compete with you, and we won’t restrict who you compete with for new customers.

As your partner, we will continue to develop our platform to make it easier for you to serve your customers and reduce your workload. Our success is dependent on your success, like a good partner.

With 15 years of experience, our proven platform ensures that your documents and notices are received, processed in a timely fashion and tracked all the way to your client. We provide you with complete visibility, and highlight bottlenecks and issues so they can be resolved before they turn into a bigger issue.

If your current registered agent provider only acts in their own interest, and doesn’t seem to care about your success, you should speak to my team.

Chuck Boyce, CEO & Founder

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