As an accounting professional, you are in a position to guide your clients along their journey to form their new business and make sure that their new entity is compliant throughout the years to come. We know how important it is to work with experts who can provide you with the tools to make sure that your client is successful.

As a United Agent Services CPA Partner, you are able to save your clients time and money while generating profits for yourself. UAS offers high-quality products and services to help you better serve your clients with all of their business service needs. Just some of the benefits you will receive as a UAS CPA Partner are:

  1. A reliable partner to help you fulfill your clients business formation, registered agent, and compliance services.
  2. Partners-Only discounts on all UAS’s business formations, registered agent, and compliance services.
  3. White-labeled services for client communications across the UAS platform.
  4. Exclusive discounts from UAS business service Affiliates to provide further value to your clients.
  5. Access to our hands-on customer support team for any questions that you have on a particular project, or about state specific regulations.
  6. Access to our legal library containing over 6,000 legal document which is updated daily.

United Agent Service’s Suite of Services

Entity Formation

Our feature-rich platform will allow you to manage all of your business formations from one easy-to-use online dashboard.

  1. LLC
  2. Corporations
  3. S-Corps
  4. Non-Profit
  5. LLLP, LLP, and LP
  6. Partnerships
  7. Foreign Qualifications
  8. Licensing & Registration
  9. Corporate Kits & Supplies
  10. OFAC Search
  11. USDOT Filings
  12. EIN
  13. ITIN

Registered Agent

Whether you handle a few entities in a single state, or you manage hundreds of business entities across multiple states, UAS’s automated Registered Agent platform has your back.

  1. Nationwide Registered Agent services. UAS covers all 50 states
  2. Change of Agent
  3. Bulk Change of Agent
  4. SOP Management
  5. Automated alerts and notices
  6. Secure Document Scanning

Corporate Compliance / Management

Make sure that your clients businesses are always in good standing with the state. UAS’s SmallBiz Secretary tracks regulatory filing deadlines in all 50 states and notifies you of upcoming due dates. Never miss a deadline again!

  1. Compliance Monitoring
  2. Compliance Repair
  3. Deadline & Renewal Alerts
  4. Mutli-Entity Compliance Monitoring
  5. Annual Report Filings
  6. Dissolutions
  7. Amendments
  8. Mergers
  9. Reinstatements
  10. World-class support team

About United Agent Services

United Agent Services only works with service providers, we don’t offer incorporation or document preparation to the general public. We will never directly compete with you, and we won’t restrict who you compete with for new customers.

As your partner, we will continue to develop our platform to make it easier for you to serve your customers and reduce your workload. Our success is dependent on your success, like a good partner.

With 15 years of experience, our proven platform ensures that your documents and notices are received, processed in a timely fashion and tracked all the way to your client. We provide you with complete visibility, and highlight bottlenecks and issues so they can be resolved before they turn into a bigger issue.