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Instantly Add Value, Not More Work

As an accounting professional, you are in a position to guide your clients along their journey to form their new business and make sure that their new entity is compliant throughout the years to come. We know how important it is to work with experts who can provide you with the tools to make sure that your client is successful.

Planning & Strategies

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Securities Services

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Our feature-rich platform will allow you to manage all of your business formations from one easy-to-use online dashboard.


Foreign Qualifications
Licensing & Registration
Corporate Kits & Supplies

OFAC Search
USDOT Filings

Whether you handle a few entities in a single state, or you manage hundreds of business entities across multiple states, UAS’s automated Registered Agent platform has your back.

Nationwide Service Availability

With nationwide coverage, add just the states
you need or the entire country. Handle your
home state if you choose.

Change of Agent

From a single entity to your entire portfolio
we make the change of agent process
easy and keep you informed along the way

Service of Process

Documents are scanned securely into
the portal within moments of receipt.
Paper originals sent upon request.

Alerts & Notices

Annual report reminders, compliance
alerts are sent automatically so that
important dates aren’t missed.


Financial Audit

Capital Markets

Risk Assurance

Business Analyze