Stop Sending Your Students Away for Business Formation Services

When your hard won client or student asks you about setting up a new business entity, you shouldn’t have to send them to one of the big online incorporation services. Info publishers that offer training and systems on creating a business have a unique opportunity to increase the lifetime value of their students by including LLC formations or incorporations as part of the on-boarding, up-sell or training system. Many of these systems simply provide links or recommend a Google search to find this vital part of starting a new business. Sending the students to Google can lead them to stray, get distracted and perhaps not make it back to your course because they found a new shiny object while they were outside of your system.

Not only does offering the formation within your program, keep the students inside the system, it allows you to increase the average ticket and lifetime value of your students as you keep an affiliate payment and remit the balance to us to complete the work. Unlike setting up an affiliate deal with the big guys, you collect and keep the payment only remitting our portion. No more waiting 60 or 90 days to get paid.

Why United Agent Services for your info product?

When you partner with United Agent Services, we handle all of the paperwork and filings with the state on your client’s behalf. All of the communications with the client and documents will look as if they were prepared by your office. Ultimately, you know that it will done correctly, or we will do it over. Guaranteed.

Integration is easy and can be as simple as sending over an email to our ticketing system, or we offer full API integration into your workflow. Or something in between. We will work with your tech team to make sure it is as streamlined as possible.

We can customize the process to work with your system. If your niche has any special requirements that should be reflected in the way the company is formed, we can incorporate that right into the system. We will work with your team to add any additional documents you’d like included in the package. All of the documents can include your branding and we can even create a custom corporate kit for your clients, physical or digital. We want to make sure you and your system are front and center, so the student remembers who got them started.

Once the business is setup, your students will have access to all of their critical corporate documents in our online portal. Alternatively, the documents can be pushed into your system for the students to retrieve.

United Agent Services is different. We don’t compete for your clients.

Our service is only available to qualified partners that need a business formation and national registered agent solution. We do not offer our services to the general public at any price.

We have been providing national registered agent services since 2004. We were built from the ground up to handle high volume, fully compliant, agent services for firms just like yours.

We have formed over 100,000 new business entities. Each year we receive, scan, track and deliver 1000s of Service of Process for these companies.

Benefits of partnering with United Agent Services

Explore the benefits of using United Agent Services National White Label or Private Label  Formation and Registered Agent Services for your firm.

  • Maintain a closer client relationship
  • Offer a one-stop solution for national, regional and multi-state clients
  • Increase the average ticket and lifetime value of your students.

Let's chat about bringing our services to your clients and adding to your bottom line.

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