Stop Paying Your Competitors for Registered Agent Services

Modern, technology enabled law practices still need a practical way to provide registered agent services for the corporate customers, and those operating in multiple states. Unfortunately, many practices either refer this service to a random online provider, or they contract with a national registered agent service provider. The problem is many of the national providers are also offering DIY legal forms and filings, competing with and potentially cannibalizing the client relationship.

United Agent Services is different. We don’t compete for your clients.

Our service is only available to qualified partners that need a national registered agent solution. We do not offer our registered agent services to the general public at any price.

We have been providing national registered agent services since 2004. We were built from the ground up to handle high volume, fully compliant, agent services for firms just like yours.

Each year we receive, scan, track and deliver 1000s of Service of Process for our partners’ clients. We understand that timely delivery of these critical documents can mean the difference between a successful outcome versus a default judgement.

Our AgentAdmin system makes it easy for you to find documents, update contact and be in the loop on matters impacting your client. We make it extremely easy for your team to send us notifications of new clients, cancelled clients and account changes via our online portal. Alternatively, we may be able to directly integrate with your firm’s client management system.

Benefits of partnering with United Agent Services

Explore the benefits of using United Agent Services National White Label or Private Label Registered Agent Services for your firm.

  • Maintain a closer client relationship
  • Offer a one-stop solution for national clients
  • Retain the incremental revenue from registered agent services.

So stop sending your clients to the nationally advertised, online websites. In the end, you may be surprised who is actually handling the registered agent services for those big online companies.

Let's chat about bringing our services to your clients and adding to your bottom line.

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